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Check Aadhar Card Application Status Online by Name & Date of Birth

Do you want to know your aadhar card status? Well, for that you can check our other posts too. There we have given detailed instructions on aadhar card status. However, you can view the steps below also if you want to know how to check adhar card status, it is as simple as eating a piece of cake!

aadhar card status by name
If your aadhar card is available and ready, you can download it. And to download aadhar card online, you may like to view our tutorial on that subject, too.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status by Name

Well, generally if can take around 90 days to receive your aadhar card, if it has been more than 90 days then I suggest you to contact head office or aadhar card office. However, if you want to just stay updated with your aadhar card status then you may, you may check status of your aadhaar card. What are you waiting for? Look below and find exact guide to check aadhar card status by name.

I lost my Aadhar card Enrollment ID? What to do?

  • First of all, headover to the URL card
  • Now under “You want to receive your lost:”, select “Enrollment ID.”
  • Enter your name, email address, mobile number (which you registered) and the security code displayed (captcha).
  • Click on Get OTP button.
  • Now, OTP will be delivered to your mobile number.
  • In the box below, enter the OTP you just received on your mobile and/or email address
  • Click on “Verify OTP”
  • Now you will receive a message on your mobile with your Enrollment Id as you selected in Step 2 above
Now you have successfully acquired your aadhar card enrollment ID. For checking aadhar card status by Name, UIDAI has not released any system yet. But with your aadhar card enrollment number, you can easily check aadhar card status.

How to check aadhar card status by SMS

As I told you above that currently, there is no method to check aadhar card status by name and hence you have to use enrollment number for checking status of your uidai card. But there’s a way with which you can check your card status by sending SMS. This is very easy, as all you need is to do the following and it won’t even take more than 5 mins, so follow the given set of instructions:
  • Open Messaging application in your phone.
  • Type this: “UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>”
  • Now send this SMS to this number: 51969
  • If your e aadhar card has been processed then you’ll receive a 12 digit code which will be your aadhar card code but if it hasn’t been generated then you won’t be receiving any such code.

How to check aadhaar card status from

If you are interested in checking aadhaar card status online and is comfortable with usage of internet then the steps specified below are just for you. And if you’re a tech savy person then there will be no problem faced by you. However, you may also take a look at other methods explained in this post to check e aadhaar card status.
  • Log on to
  • Enter your Enrollment id in the text box next to “Enrollment id”.
  • Now enter date and time of your enrollment which is specified in your enrollment slip which you must have got during the time if enrollment.
  • Now solve the captcha i.e, the security code.
  • Click on Check status button.

चेक आधार कार्ड स्थिति एसएमएस से:

  • अपने फोन में Message एप्लिकेशन  खोलो।
  • इसे लिखें: “UID STATUS <अपने 14 अंकों नामांकन नंबर>”
  • 51956 पर  संदेश भेजो .
  • अपने ई आधार कार्ड संसाधित किया गया है, तो आप 12 अंकों कोड प्राप्त होगा ,
    जो  आपका आधार कार्ड नंबर होगा.
Now the above method explains how you can check adhar card status via SMS. It’s easy for you to check the status than to check online, specially if you don’t have much knowledge of computers and how to operate internet in order to check adhar card status. Follow the methods stated and you’ll be through 🙂 Check the sidebar for more important links.

What is the Use of Aadhar card?

As we told earlier that aadhar card is of great significance and serve as an ID proof and is valid in almost all the places. But now, a new aadhaar bill which is being passed and is considered as “money bill” although there was a continuous pressure from opposition to deny passing aadhaar bill as money bill but still government passed it. You can read more about aadhaar bill here on firstpost.

Check Aadhar Card Status by Date of Birth

Similarly, as Aadhar card status by name, it is kinda not possible to check aadhar card status through date of birth, just think man, there are millions of people whose aadhar card is pending but in a year there are only 365 days. You can check adhar card status with your enrollment ID, but if you have lost it then you can follow the above instructions to get it back. It is not that difficult, and when you have acquired it, you can view adhar card status. After checking aadhar card status, if your aadhar card has been generated then you may wish you print it before it comes to your residential address, for this purpose, 
Thank you.
I guess it’s clear now how to check your aadhaar card status, if not, you can comment below and we’ll surely help you with the problem.

Friday, July 29, 2016

आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड

दोस्तों आधार कार्ड भारत में सबसे प्रचलित आईडी व एड्रेस प्रूफ के रूप में इस्तेमाल हो रहा है . अगर यह खो गया है तो घबराये मत कुछ जानकारी दीजिये और सीधे अपने मेल पर पाए इ-आधार
निम्न जानकारी आवश्यक है :
नाम :                        English
पिता का नाम            English
जन्मतिथी :               00/00/0000
मोब न :                     if registerd optional
पिनकोड :                   000000

बस इतनी सी जानकारी को इस मेल पर सेंड करे और अपने मेलबाक्स में अपना आधार पाइए